About Hanson Robotics
Hanson Robotics develops and manufactures humanlike robots and smart
software that bring our robots to life. Hanson robots include the world’s
first expressive biped robot, Albert-Hubo, heralded by WIRED as “genius”,
and the small Zeno robot, a low-cost child robot who is evolving into a
family member. Hanson delivers robots to prestigious laboratories around the
world, which include the University of Cambridge, the University of Geneva,
UCSD, JPL/Caltech, United Arab Emirates University, the University of
Bristol, the University of Pisa, National Taiwan University, and the Korean
Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), where the robots serve
a wide range of science and engineering research, including autism therapy,
artificial intelligence and machine perception, neuroscience and cognitive
science, mechanical engineering, and artificial muscle actuator research.
This research has resulted in hundreds of peer review publications, and
naturally captures abundant press and publicity. The bold appearance of
life in Hanson robots springs from the synthesis of biology,
neurally-derived cognitive systems, machine perception, artistry of
interactive character design, animation, and sculpture, and the expressive
quality of Hanson’s patented Frubber(tm), or “flesh rubber”, which is a
spongy, structured elastic polymer that expertly mimics the movement of real
human musculature and skin using 1/20th the power of other
materials. In this activity, Hanson Robotics seeks to understand and model
the human being, deliver living robotic characters to the consumer, and
accelerate progress towards greater-than-human intelligence in machines. We
hope you will join us in this quest to build a better, smarter future.


Our Robots
Hanson’s humanlike robots fulfill the psychological need for face-to-face communication, with applications for the family, therapy, research, education, and medicine. We also custom-craft these partner robots into masterpiece portraits of people, through a process known as Identity Emulation, wherein a real person (living or dead) is recreated in robotic embodiment. Prior examples include the PKD Robot and the Albert-Hubo robot. We work to bring neuroscience, robotics, and the arts into a super-discipline of humanlike cognitive robotics, and then deliver the fruits of this research as loveable robot products, and licensable core technologies.

What makes our robots unique? Start with the ability to simulate unparalleled interactive, humanlike facial features thanks to Frubber™ with the integration of a broad range of leading-edge innovations in materials, hardware, software, aesthetics, characters and stories, including:

  • Emulation of over 62 facial and neck muscular architectures
  • Machine vision via micro-cameras inside the eyes
  • Face and speech recognition, eye contact face-tracking, and conversational capabilities utilizing the latest AI software
  • Portable, power-efficient battery operation
  • API interface for collaboration

Our robots exhibit the highest quality expressions and interactivity in the world, fusing our advances in walking, talking robots who maintain eye contact, recognize faces and understand speech, hold conversations, and simulate a real person’s personality. All of this is achieved through our advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) called the Character Engine .


Our Team
Our team of roboticists, AI experts, scientists, technologists, hardware/software engineers and cognitive specialists work inside Hanson Robotics, and collaborate across many institutions to realize the dream of friendly machines who truly live and love, and co-invent the future of life.

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