ROBOKIND now released!

Fully expressive, walking, intelligent, facilitating your best research ever, and priced from $8500 to $14,750 USD—RoboKind represents a nexus for the pursuit of humanlike capabilities in machines.

Hanson Robotics face, on the Hubo body by KAIST.

Hanson Robotics at TED 2009.

TED Talk – David Hanson: Robots that “show emotion”

At the 2009 TED, Hanson Robotics showcased our collaboration with UCSD Machine Perception Lab (Javier Movellan, Marian Bartlett, Nick Butko, Jake Whitehill, Paul Ruvolo), work supported by Stuart Baurmann and David Hanson on our side. This robot tracks faces and sound, percieves facial expressions, and mimics the user’s facial expressions. Our belief is that understanding human expressions can help to model human empathy and enable machine empathy.

Hanson Robotics’ Einstein learns about emotions, at UCSD Machine Perception Lab.

Hanson Robotics in the Smithsonian.

Hanson Robotics Alice-Eva at the University of Geneva Miralab; this is a portrait of Dr. Hanson’s wife Amanda.

Hanson Robotics in collaboration with David Byrne, in “Souls and Machines” at the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid.


Special thanks to the National Science Foundation, the TX state Emerging Technology Fund, N.TX.RCIC, Startech, Daxtron Labs, Scrutable, UTD, UTA, KAIST, UCSD, and our many other supporters and collaborators!